Pieces of Scattered Conscious Thought

What Happens when you Think too Fast

I'm 15 years old, I live in Ohio, and I'm the homeschooled oldest of 6. No, I'm not Amish or catholic. I do love Jesus though, and he is my very best friend.
I'm not exactly your normal teenage girl I guess. I cant exactly give you a general stereotype, but I'll say that I'm pretty spunky and hipster. I like bell bottom jeans and bright colors. And plaid bermuda shorts. I like all types of rock/punk music, and all classical music. And I'm also a huge fan of electronica stuff.My favorite colors are turquoise blue and tennisball green. I love penguins. All pretty random and not generally in the same interest, but I'm not general.
Piano is my passion. I could only do that all day long and I'd be great. I've been playing for 8 years now, and I play frequent offertories for church, and I play the keyboard in our youth group worship team.
I love singing too, especially harmonizing. I'm in a group called 8.0 in my church, and we're basically a 3 part teen ensemble. I sing alto in that, and alto/2nd Soprano in the church choir.
My idea of a fun time is getting together with a few (or a bunch of) musically talented friends and playing the piano and singing together.
I'd love to be in a real band.
Cheese is my favorite food.
I love the beach. I was born in Fl and lived there till I was 13.
I frankly dont care what anybody thinks about me, cause I'm me and it's not changing:)